Chez Sardine review

chez sardine review, nyc restaurant, l-homme

Chez Sardine is the perfect date spot. I really shouldn’t do a post on this restaurant considering that you might have to wait at least 1 hour every day of the week to get a table, but I love this place. It’s a fine sushi restaurant as they call it, but they have more than just amazing sushi.

It’s a small restaurant, the decor is very classic, with a lot of wood furniture that makes you feel like your are in one of this chic-like sailer boat. I said it’s the perfect date spot because there are plenty of table for two, and the place is tiny. Their playlist is always perfect and they have amazing cocktails. Last time, I had the apple pie, sounds weird, but it has a very delicate after taste of apple and cinnamon, with some very light granola topping. Amazing.

I have been now more than fives times, and I never eat the same dish (they change their menu often); never been disappointed.

Sushis are very unique and worth trying. The chopped raw beef with the sea urchin is surprisingly delicious. I loved the pork and unagi hand roll as well as the spicy lobster hand roll. The best is to order some sushi and small plates to start, it’s great to share and  the portions filling enough for two if you order many. The large plates are really good, but  a bit heavier.

chez sardine review, nyc restaurant, l-homme

They don’t have a dessert menu but serve you a soft serve ice cream at the end, the flavor changes often, but always so good that you would like to ask for more.

They also serve brunch on weekends that is amazing. It’s quieter, cheaper and their menu is THE perfect brunch menu: banana bread to start, chirashi, crab egg or burger, then fine slices of pineapples honey and mint to finish. The chirashi is my ultimate favorite, sushi rice with pieces of fish, seaweed and some mayo, topped with a poached egg…  basically eating a deconstructed sushi roll.

Prices are very reasonable for brunch ($$ for two), more expensive ($$$) for dinner but worth it.

Try to make a reservation because it gets packed at night.

Chez Sardine
183 W 10th St,
New York, NY 10014

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